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Chatting after Class

Stokan Jaggers & Associates is proud to provide premier social skills therapy services for our clients.  With the ever increasing pressures on children, teens, and young adults today, social skills therapy is an important tool to help individuals, who maybe experiencing social difficulties or frustrations, to develop important social skills and strategies for socializing comfortably in all settings.

Individuals with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorders will benefit from this therapy, as it assists individuals with developing greater perspective, as well as, problem solving strategies.  These important skills transfer to all aspects of life from job performance, school success, and social understanding.

Social skills groups allow individuals to learn better conversational skills, learn the nuances of verbal and nonverbal communication, develop appropriate assertiveness and cooperative play skills, differentiate between being a leader versus a follower, learn appropriate conventions for a variety of social situations, as well as learn how to develop and build friendships. Two advantages of Group Therapy are real time peer feedback, and the potential development of healthy peer relations both in and out of Group. Parents are encouraged to extend social development by facilitating outside activities.

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